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February 29, 2016

Precious People

Life changes at the fraction of a second. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. We never get enough warning about what is coming. So we need to pause every now and then, and listen to what our heart has to say. Warning lights may twinkle in all sorts of hues. It is important to see everything and look everywhere. Take a break to soothe the aching feet, the tired shoulders. There is nothing more important than time spent with yourself!

Slowing down and leaving a room in a mess, is absolutely perfect! Headaches should not be forgotten after a Crocin. You have to find the root cause and eliminate it. In the same note, every hurt and pain must be pondered thoroughly and not shrugged away. The avalanche of chores could bury your much-awaited sip of tea or coffee. But don't let it. You need to eat, there's no point in waiting for everyone at home to eat. Small things we do for ourselves, take us one step ahead.
I have often heard, add life to your days and not the days, to your life. Isn't both important? We need days and we need the life in them. Trudging along, drooping shoulders pulling a humungous weight isn't exactly a good picture for every day. I think it is supremely important to let go of the little trophies and grab a piece of red velvet cake and cherish it. You don't have to excel, at all times. Excellence is not measured in the awards gathering dust on your mantelpiece. Stop measuring it against the laurels your children bring home and the exotic dishes you serve. Some dishes burn to restore order in this chaos and clamour.

Statistics tell us there is an increase of cancer in India but there is also a decrease in death rate. What are Indians doing, unaware, that takes the disease on the rise? Seemingly inconsequential habits, slowly building up a system about to trip us up. Once a friend of mine was telling me how carefully waste management is done in the part of the world she lives in( a tiny corner of Europe). That is something we need to take serious note of. We just assume we are safe if we dump it far enough. How we pollute, we don't give much thought. It all comes back to the same earth and the same air. We have no escape. We reap, what we sow. An indifferent attitude is what allows unhealthy practices to flourish. Until we are afflicted, we turn a blind eye.

Looking at the statistics, again, 70% cases present in advanced stages. That lowers the survival rate significantly. Why is that happening? Are the symptoms discarded as routine aches and exhaustion? Not only women, men too ignore the warning signals our body sends us. We need to pay attention to every tiny part of our bodies. It is not an unnecessary alarm, as most women are told when we feel those intuitions. Trust your instincts. No harm is asking for help, getting checked. Early detection is the only way to beat cancer. It is a war and better locate the enemy as early as possible. 
We have to be more sensitive to our needs. Physically, emotionally, gastronomically and every other single way that is there to please ourselves. We are a precious people! You have to seek and find what gives you happiness.There is no sin in having fun, so there should be no guilt. Your fun and frolic better be on the agenda!   
We also need to disturb our daily set routines. When life falls into a recurring pattern, it gathers dust. It makes you numb to passion, excitement.You need to just shake it up a bit. You have to find your way into an unknown terrain. You will learn more about you and the world in the process, and inspire others too! All said and done, from a high horse, it still an unfair, unstable world. Be on the alert, gather information and take complete charge of your space in this universe. Seek sunshine and be the sunshine.