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June 21, 2013

One thousand pants

Written for Trifecta 82 

This week's challenge is 'club'. I couldn't link up in time ...connection woes..but I am posting anyway....

A light went on in the old shack. There was a moment of silence when she looked all around and contented that all their secrets were safe. Every copper piece and every plant, every book and rag were exactly in the same spot. Their shrine was undefiled.
In the corner there sat a huge green trunk, slightly rusty. There was a beautiful copper vase with cheap plastic flowers gathering dust, sitting on it. Almost like the door keeper of Tutankhamen. She lifted it gently, smiling to herself and opened the trunk. Inside were roughly folded and labeled pants in all colors. She sat herself by the trunk and waited for the others to arrive.
They started to trickle in. Some had in their possession the offering to the green trunk. They submitted it to her, their unassuming undemanding but awe inspiring leader. She folded it, labeled it and deposited it. Some had brought in some sweets which they shared. They all found their smile in the club. Some had news to share. Some brought new friends. The shack seemed to fit them all somehow.
When it was discovered that all of them had joined, she slowly stood up.
“Soon it will be time for us to focus on our own lives, families. We are nearing our target. We have to burn the trunk with a thousand pants and then start afresh.”
Tears rolled down some cheeks. They had all been treated like a piece of meat for the filthy pleasure of demented men. She had fused courage in them to wield the blade for a single cut to eradicate frenzied manhood.
 “Would one thousand be enough?” a trembling voice piped up.
“We cannot keep this up for ever. We cannot let this be our whole lives. We have to discover a new path.” She replied.
They pondered on it. She made sense like always. After all they were only children. Their parents had sold them off but they would take back their freedom.

Written for Trifecta 82 

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  1. Ok i'm intrigued.. but really cant figure out. Are they homeless people? You need to finish this one!


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