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September 14, 2013

Radical shopping.

 Shopping in 2030! Roughly sixteen years from now, how will our lives be? The question triggers a thought, will I even be alive? What ever those answers are, technology is surely going to advance. Our lives will be enhanced with new gadgets, which make our chores simpler. Would girls ever think of shopping as a chore? I guess not. We could go on hunting for that perfect shoe or dress. Which would have no flaws and would simply delight us.
Malls will not be going away for sure as it is a fun way to engage in group retail therapy. Also we do need a bit of human interaction, feeling the texture, taking in the smells and soaking in the hues.

I can see some grocery shopping tasks getting revitalized in 2030. Kitchen cabinets with sensors to monitor the level of supplies. It could also monitor and alert if any thing goes stale or moldy.  A screen would be placed on the wall listing critical levels and seeking confirmation for placing grocery orders.

I personally like grocery shopping at DMart but I am finding the crowd getting bigger each day. It’s a hassle pushing the shopping cart through aisles flooded with people and then carrying them back home. It would be welcome if we could do away with the store visits. It may also help in keeping the grocery stocks in good hygienic conditions.  
We should also voice recognition shopping lists. As I cook I can just talk to it and store my wish list of anything at all. It would crawl all over the web and bring back good deals.
Web applications to try out clothes and accessories would be radical. I could just try it online. I am guessing it would be all holograms and I could just upload my hologram. 
It would be a virtual trying out experience in which I can see the fitting on my hologram.

I t would be cool to have web apps to choose a good glam shoe which would advise us on the health effects also.  We could upload our foot holograms which also take into consideration our weight, leg shape and then when we choose stilettos or wedges, we could make an informed selection.

Nothing more uplifting than trying shoes and clothes, virtually in the comfort of home !!
How ever the scene transforms, we are still going to love shopping. 

Written for ebay contest Future of Shopping. For more details visit the ebay check  page. Updates on ebay prices , any product, anywhere directly on google chrome bar.


  1. Yes, Auto publish of grocery list would be grand. Updates to grocery list based on festivals, birthdays and anniversarries a family celebrates would be good, ofcourse based on confirmation from the kitchen queen. Also an alarm to keep nagging about expiry dates - so we remember to use it all up before they are bad. Home Delivery of said groceries at a time when it detects my purse has the cash would be really good too :) so i dont have to worry about settling it latter.
    About the clothes and shoes, love the hologram idea. I would love for cool deals to pop-up now and then based on what I like - like the recommended reading list on Kindle - Its quite fab. I would hate to browse through tons of clothes and shoes that aren't my style, I would rather do that in a store :) like you said, feast on the experience.

    1. Thank u for such an in depth dissection. I am so happy that someone has read it!!

  2. Voice recognition shopping lists is an innovative idea and will help ease burden of shopping the same items again and again. All the best for the contest !

    1. Thank u :-) I wish they had those things now...some device to help us keep the stock in the kitchen from falling to nil ;-)


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