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November 18, 2014

Touch My Heart

Mira sipped her tea slowly and drank in the romance playing on the telly. She loved this new Hindi soap. There was so much chemistry between the two. The kids were packed off to school and the husband was out on the usual morning walk. This was her tiny window of peace and solitude. She generally watched some comedy series and laughed along but these days she had got herself hooked on to a romantic story.

Suddenly she heard the door bell. How did Ayush return so quickly ? She wondered and quickly turned off the telly. She ran and opened the door.

Ayush appeared tired. “I stopped early.”

Mira looked at him carefully. The stress on him was showing under his eyes. He didn't sleep properly, she realized.

Ayush headed for the shower. He called out “Get the breakfast ready..I want to go early to office”

Mira headed promptly to the kitchen. She went about the mechanical motions of preparing the dosa.
She wished Ayush would share his troubles with her. He was clearly worried.
All they talked about to each other were about the kids. Which classes, hobbies or sports to take up and which competitions to sign up etc.

Mira laid out the breakfast on the table and waited.

Ayush sat down in a hurry. As Mira served Dosa and chutney on his plate she longed to ask him about the apparent anxiety gnawing on him. The phone rang as it always did when Ayush ever tried to do anything else but work. Mira bit her lip.

Ayush ran to his room, talking on the phone and opened up his laptop.
The breakfast was soon forgotten.

Mira closed her eyes briefly and then she realized that Ayush had stopped talking on the phone but he was working. She could hear the key press sounds in a silence filled home.

Mira picked up Ayush's plate and walked over to his room.
He shrugged at her ”I know its getting cold but I have to do something very important...”

Mira smiled and nodded. She tried to push away the awkwardness she felt and slowly hesitantly offered Ayush a piece of Dosa. He suddenly looked up at her. She only fed the kids this way anymore. He smiled and opened his mouth.
“Turning me also into your child ?”, he asked.

“If you are behaving like one, what else to do”, she replied as she wiped the corner of his mouth with her fingers.
Ayush put his hand on her fingers and looked into her eyes.
“I am glad you are here for me.”

He closed his eyes and realised how soft her hands were. He opened his eyes and looked at the girl he fell in love with. Her touch would always calm him and assure him that he wasn't alone. She was there for him. Taking care of him. He was suddenly happy that she was right there.

He pulled her gently towards him. “Let 's finish the hot dosas first”, she laughed as she placed one more piece into his mouth.  

It's amazing how you
Can speak right to my heart.
Without saying a word
You can light up the dark.
The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me.
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.


When You Say Nothing At All
by  Ronan Keating

A gentle ‘touch’ can go a long way in rekindling the lost spark and chemistry between couples.
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