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March 05, 2015


There is a new prompt at Word Castle about the roads untraveled.
A poem with upper limit of 50 words about a secret regret. Here is my take on it.


My one regret as I look back is when I allowed my parents to throw out a cat and her kittens from our home.
The mother cat had come in to our home as a stray kitten. She was very cute as all kittens are. We developed a bond instantly. We could understand each other. I was around 10 years old. She was my best friend. Then her own kittens arrived. My parents panicked. Pictured an outbreak of kittens. Kittens pouring out of every nook and corner and every wardrobe and cupboard. They elaborately discussed with me the various horrors of cats over running your home. I finally caved in in a weak moment and then they were just dropped off somewhere near a fish market where they would always find food.
I cried every evening after school for the longest time. The tiny fur balls of pure cuteness. I felt guilty as hell. I was haunted by their faces. I had let them down. I never had a pet cat again even though I nursed an injured kitten back to health and fed some strays.



You taught me to nurture ,
Watched me as I painted
Colours that made no sense to anyone
But love was the colour of your eyes.

I wasn't strong, thought they knew better
I remember your soft paws on my face.
Love can never destroy,
But can love forgive desertion ?

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