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June 10, 2015

The inheritance - 1

A bronze Duster is maniacally racing on the road. Cutting lanes, giving new drivers a near cardiac arrest. Swiftly turning into side lanes and cutting back into main road. A pretty young thing is at the wheel. Long hair in a pony tail and bejewelled goggles adorning an emotionless poker face. The vehicle rolls into a police station.

Inside the police station, the scene is quite calm. A young officer is alertly going through a file. An older man is sitting in front of him. Worn with worry face. Sorrowful eyes. Shakes head in between. He says “I do not know how such a thing can happen. I don't know. “

The officer:“Yes , I can understand . No One can know when such things happen but I need you to remain calm and help us in piecing together the events ”

Older man : “I got a call in the morning from the driver. He told me to come over as there was something wrong . He didn't tell me anything specific. Maybe thought best not to alarm me. When I reached I heard the servants crying and the driver took me to the bedroom where I found them. ”
He shudders and then looks blankly into a distant wall.
The officer : “Do you remember the exact scene..the nature in which you found the bodies”

The old man : “ Yes I remember very clearly though wish I could forget it. I have explained it. Described everything I remember to the other police man. How many times will I have to do this !”
shakes his head

The officer : “OK then I will call you again when the report is ready and you will have to just read through it and sign it if its accurate as per your memory. You may wait here till some more formalities are completed“

The old man slowly rises from the chair. At this instance the girl who was driving the Duster appears at the door. She calls out : “Daddy”

The old man looks at her with renewed grief.
He says : “Shikha, why did u come here now ?”

Shikha : “Why can't I be here ? Why didn't you call me ? ”

The officer whose name was Alan looks up from his file.
The old man : “My daughter Shikha. She was going to be marry Rohan. ”

At this Alan nods his head and remarks “Good that you have come down . We may need to ask you few questions.”

Shikha : “OK. ”

Alan :“ I will get the women constables , they will take your statements. You may wait outside with your father”

Shikha :“Sure”

Alan looks at her, trying to gauge her character. She looks back almost smiling and then as if remembering something she suddenly makes her look a bit gloomy worried

Alan was turning his attention back to the file when the desk phone rings.

Alan “Yes sir. We are taking every care. Nothing will be neglected.
Sure sir.I understand sir. Thank you sir”

He keeps the phone down with a hint of dread. Looks around and calls a constable on the phone
What is the status on the bodies? I need updates on the bodies. The time of death, cause etc as soon as the doctors confirm it..”
Alan mutters to himself “ This is the first case I get ! So much pressure already. I Should have listened to papa and tapped rubber. I could at least get fish fry every night ! ”

He picks up the phone again “Indu, please get Maya and come here. We have a possible witness , a lady ”

Two lady constables arrive in his room and they call Shikha along. Shikha looks sorrowful.

She is seated across Alan. The women constables on chairs facing her.

Alan : “Indu you may lead the investigation ”

Indu nodding “Yes sir”

“Madame , please state your full name for record”
Shikha “Shikha Sengupta”

Indu ”Please tell us where you were yesterday night “

Shikha “I was at a party in Sheesha with Rohan”

Indu : The whole night ?

Shikha : Yes almost. Me and Rohan headed back home by 2. He had a bit of drinks so I dropped him home and went home.

Indu : So you went to Rohan's house ?

Shikha : I did not step in . I only dropped him at the gate.

Indu : Weren't you worried about him ? Since he was drunk ? Didn't you want to make sure he reached his room safely ?

Shikha : I wasn't really. This is not the first time that I have dropped him by the gate after he had a round of drinks..he always managed to reach his room safely..

Alan: This is the first time he is being suspected of murder, is that right ?

Shikha a little taken aback : nods in agreement " yes"

Alan : Then how come you are not hysterical about it ?

Shikha looks a bit annoyed : You want to know why I am not screaming and crying and banging my head to the wall that my fiancé is suspected of murdering his parents ?

Alan:\: Girls are usually hysterical for lesser disasters

Shikha : That's very typical. Some girls are weak. Easily excited. .Some are not.I am not.
I believe that Rohan is innocent.

Alan: Impressive but aren't you disturbed about all the mess happening around you. When was your wedding planned for ?

Shikha: Wedding can happen any time..I wasn't keen on a big glamorous wedding anyway My mother was into the arrangements. The date was slated for two months from now.

Alan: Two months later is your wedding and here is ur groom almost arrested for murder. You are a strong girl. Miss Sengupta.

Shikha: I guess you have only met those women you could easily manipulate.

Alan : Do I appear to be that kind of a man ?

Shikha: All men have those basic instincts.

Alan smiles .There are all sorts of men Miss. SenGupta. Now you are generalizing.

Shikha smiles sarcastically : Any more questions for me ?

Alan looks at Indu: Anything more ?

Indu : I will need the address of the party location and also tell me the route you took from there to Rohan's house and from there to your house.

Shikha: Sure.


  1. This seems to be the beginning of an interesting story. Looking forward to reading more, Sini (Y)

    1. Thanks, Sonia. Will strive to make it as interesting as I can.:-)

  2. The plot is intriguing but needs some logical structuring and edits. For example, in this part:
    "The officer whose name was Alan looks up from his file.
    The old man : “My daughter Shikha. She was going to be marry Rohan. ”
    If the officer was to be named anyway, it should be done much earlier in the story. The last dialogue should be: She was going to marry Rohan. Again logically why "was going" Does he assume prematurely that the wedding is not going to take place

    1. Thanks, Lata.
      I will make the changes. Originally this was written as a screenplay. So there was a shot on the name board of the officer but when I modified it to be a story in a super hurry, I may have goofed up a bit. Will tidy up. Thanks for reading so deeply.

  3. A good start to a seemingly interesting story. Would like to read the rest as well!

    1. Thank you! hopefully I can put up the rest :-)


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