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January 19, 2016

Behind the Scenes of "The Sting"

Banner by Neil D'Silva

Writing a story on Vengeance was a very exciting and enlightening process. I strongly believe that most people do nurse secret vengeful desires. Ambitions are often fuelled by some grudge. A desire to give it back to someone who put you down. A harsh teacher, an offensive relative, backstabbing colleagues, an irritating neighbor, the setting options for a revenge story are infinite. However, I chose a home as the background since the wife is always expected to forgive and pretend that nothing is ever wrong. Would a wife be empowered if she were to inflict some physical pain on a cheating husband? Would it liberate her in some way? That is what I have tried to explore in my story the "The Sting."

Getting featured in this glorious anthology along with such brilliant authors does make me swell up in pride. The other stories are so vivid and varied, it really establishes the theory that revenge is indeed lurking in the dark corners of every human mind.

A word on  the other stories in this anthology (I will be updating this section soon)

1. The Beautiful Ratio by Dr.Shewta Garg

A very well written story about two close friends. How deep does friendship go in your lives? Do you feel shattered when someone hurts your friend? For a mathematical genius obsessed with ratios, does statistics of the dead give closure?

2. The murder of a dying man by Archana Sarat

Well-paced thriller with a good twist. Sometimes death of one person means life to another. Do 15 minutes of justice help someone overcome the grief of losing a loved one?

3. That which does not kill you by Neil D'Silva

What drives people to suicide? Is it really an act of vengeance? This well-crafted story tries to explore the emotions that drive lovers to suicide. An amazing twist in the tale does make this an exciting read.

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