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March 03, 2016

Winning the Tulip fields

One more day to go! The Times Women's Drive is waiting behind the next sunrise. So many exciting things have been happening, all at once. We were asked to come up with our winning strategy. That got me wondering, what does this trip mean to me? Why am I doing t his? Do I eye the 4.5 L prize money? Wouldn't be unwelcome but all I sincerely hope is I can reach Goa without much confusion. The tulips appear monstrous, hard to tame, right now. Why such a gentle name for this navigation tool? So basically, we have to figure out the route looking at the tulips and maintain the given speed and hope to reach the Time Control posts at the exact required time! Timing each short run is going to be a task. Especially for me, who can't focus much when tasks run on parallel threads.

This is the first time my five-year-old will be away from me. Today morning he asked me, “ Can fathers cook and wash dishes? ” That is what I want to find out too. My pre- teen is being groomed to fill my shoes. Basically, that means pampering the little one. My husband is showing the symptoms of an impending stressful weekend. But my pre-teen is super excited that he will have me off his back for a couple of days. He knows basic cooking. Has served as my dosa maker, carrot grater, garlic crusher etc. I do have a brooding suspicion that he helps me out in the kitchen to get out of his studies.

Signing up for this has opened up so many doors to different creative experiences. So many ideas, so much planning. Out on the road, I hope to discover new paths, new people, new facts about myself and the world. It is an attempt to come out of all the protective layers I have kept for myself and my family. This is a much-required disruption of normalcy to get us seeing life from a different angle.

Leaving behind all discouragement, doubt and despair, zooming towards beautiful bends and rocky terrain. Winning over the road is only the first step, succeed over secret fears that could be holding me back. Any other additional wins will be the icing on the cake.


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