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January 24, 2013

A Loud Customer

I don’t like loud people, neither those who talk about themselves a lot. Its not that I like people who talk a lot but I start disliking them if they talk about their own stuff all the time. I know a person who does that and I can’t do much to escape her. I almost admire her for her many other qualities but when she starts off I feel suffocated. "I did this because of this reason,  my baby did that oh he is cute , co clever…". And she is least bit interested in what ever I may have wanted to add, explain or share. Maybe she has already made up her mind about me and she feels she knows everything about me and all that I do and think. I myself have no clue of that yet. I don’t plan much in advance and neither do set targets. Much of a free fall my days are. Sailing only on my whims and fancies. And of course the wishes of the little ones who pull and push me.

Now coming back to the loud people. I find them bossy, bullying. Why do they talk so loudly? And assuming a position of power of sorts..ordering about. The other evening I was buying grocery at my neighborhood kirana guy. Suddenly in waltzes the loud customer. She had a royal air in her nose..all pointed up to the sky. Give me this..give me that. All of us, the regulars were suddenly fading into the background. The shop hands ran helter skelter to gather her demands. I felt awkward. Why was I made to wait when I came in earlier on. But I just couldn't muster up the guts to tell.

I had taken bread after careful scouting for its elusive expiry date and all. I remembered laying it on the table top, along with my other items. Suddenly I see bread with the queen’s baggage. I plucked it out and kept it along with mine. After a few seconds her eyes started to flash and she yelled—where’s my bread..where did it go and suddenly I spied two bread packets on my heap !!! I smiled at her and sheepishly presented a peace offering …My mistake I thought you took my packet when I had put mine over there…heee heee.
She did not make a fuss over the accusation or my robbery but ordered the shop hands further to speed her billing. Anyways getting her quickly out of there was a very good idea. She made all of us nervous.

Why do people order about loudly? Does that make them feel more powerful? Does that get them things done faster? Maybe. But they wouldn't get good friends. They wouldn't be welcome anywhere. And of course they would get written about or bitched about for sure. 

What do we do about them? Let them have their way to avoid a showdown..or get them out quickly because they give us the jitters ? Do we stand up tall and tell them to pipe down ? I wish the world worked that way...but sadly wherever it maybe the bullies seem to have it easy. A small veggie shop or an IT giant like Infy.The person who can intimidate others successfully gets the trophy

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  1. Ok - you have me hooked to your blog. I couldn't help laughing out loud imagining you stealing a bread at the grocery why would you do that?

    Oh Loud ppl - what you make us mere mortal do?


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