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January 23, 2013

One Stormy Evening

A two year olds tantrum is what tests you. Do you give in?  Do you break down? Do you get angry? Do you hold your ground and weather it out? Everything you read in all the child experts columns do not necessarily flash in front of your eyes…to try option a or option b .The loud crying..the pushing..tugging at your hands. The huge tears welling up in red puffy eyes …do they melt your heart or drive you mad. You would think the little toddler would tire after crying in vain for so he doesn’t…he doesn’t relent. He will push you until you concede. You have a million things to do..cook dinner…get your elder one ready for important test tomorrow..Straighten some parts of the house before the leader of the pack gets home and starts cribbing about the mess. And yet…the storm doesn’t subside. Your throat starts to hurt as you are yelling…you don’t even realize when you start yelling….at what moment did you loose cool. You have to yell if anyone should hear your voice..thats the decibel level of the little lungs. There is nothing left in the house to distract him. Your shoulder muscles are wearing out. The prayer in your heart becomes loud on your lips. O lord make this stop..make this crying stop….help me to do something. But apparently the good Lord wants you to go through this. This is your test as a parent. You need to be firm and do not give in to the unreasonable demand. But you cannot do it in a way that your child would feel less loved and bewildered or hurt. It’s a storm you have to help your child face. Its his storm and you are the navigator. Everyday is so full of chores and challenges but you alone are the guide who will show them what’s important …doing things on time or doing things with love. Messy for sure…late dinner for sure..revising spellings in the loo.. but I am here for you and I am going to let nothing hurt you. Not my frustration nor even you yourself. That may be a little protect you from yourself but I will keep my eyes open.


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    So totally agree with what you say.


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