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March 20, 2013


He ran like a little fawn leaping over the bushes. Never had this much space at home and mother was always yelling if they ran about in their two bedroom flat. It was lunch break in school. Vaulting over short walls and reaching for the tree leaves. He dashed about like a boomerang.  He was euphoric that teacher had complimented him today on his handwriting. Mother will be so jubilant. He was sure. Eating was at the back of his mind. Mother would be really upset if he brought lunch back home. She does crib that she gets up early to cook him lunch for school. He decided to wash his hands and settle down with his friends for a quick bite.  He was all smiles as he parked near the gang. “Hello Blackberry”, one voice quipped.
That one word was enough to infect his cheery heart with gloom. He looked at his hands and legs. Was I really that black? Mother always told me I am very good looking. He tried to fight the despair. He looked at their laughing faces.  He couldn't understand what they found funny. Silently he finished his lunch. Dragging himself back to classroom, he wished his mother was near to hug away the blues.
Suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder and down came the showers. He looked up to the heavens and spotted a friendly cloud. He raced with the others to the open grounds for their rain dance. Merrily they swayed. Only the colors of childhood in sight.   

Written for Trifecta Challenge  Week Sixty Nine     

Challenge -> use the word "Infect "

3a : contaminate, corrupt   
  b : to work upon or seize upon so as to induce sympathy, belief, or support                                                                                                                                                                                   


  1. Kids can be cruel sometimes ): But I like the bit of hope at the end with the friendly cloud.

    1. Thanks :-) ..this is sort of based on actual events...

  2. Ooh that was sad, but also had a feel-good ending. Nice work.

  3. Awwww...twas a touching one..I love BB, always have, always will...and the phone too!

  4. Sad that people are still judged by the colour of their skin or outward appearances!Well,I do hope that this kid grew up to be a beautiful upstanding person 'cos he/she believed in his/her mother more than he/she believed in those silly kids!:-)

  5. You made me want to hug this kid. I wish we could be kinder to one another. Like Atreyee, I hope this child doesn't let this ruin life.

  6. children are born pure and unprejudiced. Its the adults who corrupt their minds and teach them how to hate. I loved the combination of happiness, glum and happiness again. Indeed they alternate in life.

  7. hi really like the ending - good story


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