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April 03, 2015


It's summer here. The sun is unbearable. The brightness and the heat. Mornings are pleasant. Cool breeze too. But by 9.30 the sun begins to glare with vengeance. I imagine him standing there and just fuming. At all the destruction the puny humans wreak upon his favorite child Earth.
All the heat slowly vaporizing me and my home. I am sure of it. All those things I am unable to find have vaporized. Gone up in smoke. Poof! But all this heat has not thawed the hearts so icy cold.

I see them everywhere. Cold people. I wonder what drives them on. I do not see joy of life in their eyes. I do not feel warmth of love when I sit with them. Their words do not glow my heart with hope. They go full throttle right head. With such fierceness they strive for every good thing they can accumulate. They don't waste any time. Always on the move. Always getting ahead. Sometimes their words wound. Their cold gestures make me cringe. Why do I let them have that much power over me? I could never fathom. Do I want them to like me or be nice to me? Do I consider them superior and powerful ?

You can see me shaking myself like a wet dog at times. When I encounter a cold one I do that to purge the inferiority sinking into me. It sort of gets me out the hypnotic trance. I go into a mode of regret for the job I willingly quit. I start doubting if wrestling with my two boys the whole day is the dream scenario I had in mind. They throw bricks on you and use you as stepping stones to hoist them to greater conquests. The realization of that drops my temperature. It turns me cold to the beauty of the simple haphazard unplanned adventure. I enjoy the warmth I have inside me. The wonder and magic of life is my fuel. Not the mad desire to accumulate expensive merchandise and acquaintances. May the cold never seep in.  

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  1. You can see me shaking myself like a wet dog at time... That was a great line.
    If you enjoy reading flash fiction... stop by and read me. I blog histroical flash.
    Hope to see you soon.


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