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April 03, 2015

Dried up words

There are some words that I have lost
Some stories faded
Music just stopped
What I had wanted to say
I cannot remember
All that is filling my thoughts
Are all bitter darts of accusations
I am different
I have my own wit
You can't trample me down
Just because you do not agree
What's my crime?
That I think or that I aspire ?
Don't stifle my voice
Don't push me into the corner of silence
I grow numb, mute
What is left, is not me
It's who you created
It may be good for you
As you grow stronger
All these things you shower on me?
Does not bring me back to life
These are things you want
I only want my voice, my dreams

National Poem Writing Month 

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  1. Keep hearing your inner heart and may all your dreams be realized. :)


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