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July 15, 2015

Sunrise Scuffle

Like the werewolf in the moonlight,
A creature I morph into at dawn.
The first few minutes, I am still me
The bed feeling more cosy than ever,
The alarm sounding more vile than ever.

Trying to figure which day of the week it is,
Desperately plotting a quick fix breakfast.
I pray hard, Oh dear God Almighty,
Please make this a happy morning!
The Lord recoils at my voice.

Two little sleepy flowers,
Soft, gentle wake up calls
Soon turn into loud threats.
I am not that ray of sun shine.
Flowers begin to swelter, already.

The morning picture I had in mind,
Flushed down, all the way.
And once again, the beast has fangs out
Shoving food down your throat,
Silencing your funny jokes.

Pointing at the clock,
Dragging you to the bathroom,
Dragging you out.
The school bus, like a ticking bomb
Each passing second, it's getting closer.

And then you take off!
The fangs dissolve into air
And sting sharp into my soul
Couldn't we laugh at silly things, move like snails
Maybe brush teeth, skip the bath?

I push for the healthy food,
And leave your heart starving.
Such an incredibly beautiful world,
Do I distort it with maniacal pushing?
Waiting for the evening, a time to mend.


  1. Expressed beautifully. Very strong emotions here, hope with the evening things smoothened out!

    1. Thanks Aditi. Evenings are always better!

  2. That's exactly what mornings are like! Sadly! But thank goodness we have evenings!! Lovely poetry.


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