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August 21, 2015

Four Power

I have always believed that knowledge is power. In present times, it is information also along with knowledge. A knowledgeable person is still respected, but he has to be in synch with the ever evolving technology. Knowledge, we can obtain by reading and learning. but information, is now just waiting for your touch, inside your pocket. Lost your way or wanting to buy a spectacular gift for your sweetheart? There is help, just fish out your smartphone. The one thing that will make your smartphone, smarter, is lightning speed internet.

Today, it's unimaginable to be not connected. All the cool apps, games and tools are an absolute must on your smartphone. We have a primal need to showcase to the world what we are doing at the moment. Be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  We try hard to capture what we feel, experience at a beautiful sunset or sunrise. We want everyone to marvel at the breathtaking colours of a flower we chanced upon by the roadside. We need even strangers to know our opinions about what is going on in another part of the world. The whole universe is shrinking. We can all touch each other, with our fingertips precisely.

We may not be able to see all those comedy or drama series when it's aired on Television. We can enjoy it at our convenience when we choose to do so. Movies too. So many to catch up on.
But what exactly would I do with lightning speed internet?

The first thing that comes to my mind is, I could see those food making guide videos anytime I have a doubt in the kitchen. Right on my smartphone. Without the irritating streaming pauses.
There are a whole lot of videos showing all the techniques and tips useful in the kitchen. It would be a lifesaver if I could call upon the genie in the video and refresh the steps once more when trying out something new and tricky.

Next would be the online Zumba or dance workshops. We could start once via Skype group chat.
Old friends, college mates, scattered around the globe. Once in a while we do party, in Skype, but the constant disruptions and time lag in the network dampens the jovial air. It reminds us of the oceans and continents between us. Some of us are stay-at-home Mothers and some have flexible work hours. We could agree upon a fixed time slot and do our bit of exercising or meditation or dancing. The 4G network would make us feel, we are in the same room.

Maybe I can host my own YouTube channel. A lot of ideas are popping in my head. Maybe a book club  on YouTube. We can read our reviews of books or films. We could share our poems or stories.
The network is looking more promising than ever.

For someone like me, who loves to write there are so many editing tools. I have found it very time consuming, to upload my entire document, on the online  grammar checking tool. It is very helpful, so I put up with the pain. It would be just heavenly if the tool could process my document and show my grammar abysses before yawns take control over me.

There are so much to learn also in Online courses. I was always skeptical about enrolling for those since classroom sessions require a good network. Now a tutor in the US can explain concepts while I discuss my own theories with the class. Also, Wikiversity has so much to offer.  Just when I get into the zone to do some serious reading and absorbing, the WiFi starts to taper down and flicker off-on.

Reserving travel tickets, train or airplane, is another problem I hope will vanish by the magic of 4G. Booking a Tatkal train ticket online is still a distant dream for me. When sudden long weekend plans germinate, it is the speed of your network which is going to determine the quality of your stay and travel, gift wrapped in a nice discount deal.

Having the 4G network for the entire home makes more sense.  The price of the 4G network is the same as what you pay for the 3G. The Airtel 4G Wi-Fi assures support to 32 different devices including WiFi enabled security cameras and gaming consoles. So the whole family can spend quality time with their own gadgets, once in a while. Families need to spend time talking to each other and helping each other, too. Help can come through a network, most of the time.

The internet has simplified our lives and  brought us closer to experiences that we would never otherwise be fortunate to indulge in. It arms us with the opportunity to research much and take well-balanced decisions. To make bold choices, quickly, we need information at lightning speed. We cannot let ourselves take it slowly when the world is squeezing every second to get maximum profit. Be the speed. Feel the power.

Visit the Airtel page to learn more on the process of acquiring a 4G connection. It is that extra power to push you ahead of the crowd. 

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