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March 23, 2013

A Step Back

I sat by the window gazing afar
A hush I sense, stillness in time
Life is galloping away
And here I was feeling void, empty  

What were those dreams of mine?
In my childhood, in my adolescence
Dreams woven so beautifully, so daringly
With no crumbs of self doubt

Out of school I stepped and then
Obese books, generators and motors
Surging like a mountain torrent
Dragged me along an unstoppable flow

Couldn't pause, couldn't breathe
Those beautiful buds I held in my hand
One by one, they were wrenched away,
Striving to capture a raise, a feather

If only there could be a crack,
A fissure in the wall of time
I could tiptoe back into the land
Of enchanted trees and magical beings.

Written for Fireblossom Friday: The crack in Everything at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Caught up in the rat race, striving an ascending career path with raises and feathers in the cap you lose some magical element you always wanted in life.


  1. If there was such a crack we all would have crowded your paradise like hell ;)

  2. Fantastic! That read so clearly. The honesty was refreshing. And the value placed on childhood time so perfect. Ah, and hope -- hope that adults see your insight and learn to take moments out of their salary grabbing to gather enough feathers so as to fly again.

  3. Yes, it would be nice to be able to step back in time.

  4. Not easy to see a crack as a positive thing, but you managed beautifully and gave it as a route to beauty. I loved the 'obese books'. I too hate heavy tomes. Especially paper backs. I usually tear them into three manageable bits.

    Hint: if you let go of the word verif you might attract more comments. I find them impossible to read and usually don't come back. Sorry.

    1. Thanks Aprille..I have taken it off...I had no idea word verif was on..never played around with the settings much.

  5. This is so true ... only if we could travel back through those cracks !!!

  6. I enjoyed this very much--the sense of separation of past and present, which we feel in ourselves, our old self disconnected from the new one. I especially liked your phrase 'obese books.'

  7. I too like to tiptoe back in time, when things were enchanting and magical ~ Adulthood is such a rushed place to be ~

  8. Ah, to go back and have it again; how many have wished for that?

    Thanks for being part of my FBF challenge!


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