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July 09, 2013


PADE Day 9 Theme – Sharp

The first thought is Stalactites. Wish I could visit the snowy peaked mountains and explore an icey cave or two with the killer stalactites hanging from the roof.

I even checked my freezer for some miniature replicas but sadly my freezer is working well. So the massive hunt for sharp objects began. Scissors and knives. I found my son’s sword but sharp it wasn’t.  Perhaps the picture of me yelling at my elder son, if only I could capture the sharp words flying out. People would want to poke me with even sharper objects.

I found an old cassette with SHARP written on it. Would it be pathetic? Finally stumbled on an old image of my mother’s precious Euphorbia plants. I don’t find all of them attractive but mommy likes it since the flowers do not wilt quickly. The leaves are green, the stem dark brown and full of stout sharp thorns. The blooms are vivid in color but simple in the shape and many in number. I wouldn’t want it in my garden but I have met so many who love them and breed them by the dozen.
S o here is my sharp photo. I find the thorns more attractive than the flowers. Maybe the thorns are the highlight of the plant. 



  1. wow, those are some really sharp thorns. And i agree with your mom, they look beautiful. this is such a beautiful photo.
    And I think you and me thought on the same lines. I visited a lava cave in the last week of June and was planning to share a photo of Stalactites. But it was too dark and then it defeated my "experimentation" bone for PADE!
    Thanks for another awesome entry to PADE. And yes I do realize I have written a loooong comments but that's just how I roll!

    1. Thanks Ritu for sharing abt ur trip. So I will keep in mind to get the miner's flash light when I go ....wishful thinking..someday,,
      And I love reading long comments, so please write on ...roll on..

  2. Haha...I can imagine sharp image of you yelling at your son...just like me!!! :D

    Like you i wondered around the house...looking for knives and scissors and got lucky when I saw his pencils!!!

    Superb Capture and yess I agree the thrones are more attractive!!!

    1. Thank u Sfurti. Yes those thorns are extraordinary! I shud have also posted my toddler's teeth. He reminded me of Jaws today...biting me just because he was bored ..and he cut thru the sleeve of my kurti!!


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