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July 08, 2013

The Ten Commandments

PADE Day 8 Theme – Rules

The whole day I carried Rules around. Couldn’t think anything except the rules which I try to go by everyday.  Not that I am a devout Christian. But I do enjoy reading the Bible. The photo here is my old Bible. Just realized the leather cover is unraveling.

 From as long as I can remember the words within the Bible were the rules we knew we had to follow. Slowly as I got older, the naked history of man and kings and sinners revealed itself in those words.  The kings were glamorously rich yet fallen deep in sin. They do not attempt to hide this. But there are powerful pieces of prayers and repentance recorded. And to discover that they were indeed forgiven and restored is so comforting.

One of the oldest penal codes recorded is within the Bible (book of Leviticus). In which each crime and punishment is painstakingly outlined.  Israel’s present judiciary is based on these, I read somewhere.
The Ten Commandments were given directly by God to Moses. Recorded on stone tablets atop Mt.Sinai. But when asked by some high priests as to which of the commandments is most important, Jesus said “Love your neighbor more than yourself and love your God with all your heart and spirit”. That was the sum of it. When love seals every relation, there is no scope of the evil to raise its head.

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  1. Hey lovely take!!! The old Bible has charms of old world, loved your write up also!

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  3. I agree with Sfurti, The Holy Bible in the pic above looks beautiful. The photo has a very halo-ish effect. Love the subtlety of this photo and the accompanying white flower looks so serene place next to it.
    We are loving your participation in PADE!


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