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July 11, 2013

Paradise Trashed

PADE Day 11 Theme – Street

From my terrace on the seventh floor, I have a pretty scenic view. Especially now the earth has pulled over itself a blanket of green. Slushy mud is all under the green as far as eyes can go.
There is a street which used to lead to no particular chowk. Been hearing that once a bridge comes up somewhere on a dying river flowing behind us, the road is going to be very busy one.  Till now there is only one housing society which it leads to. Both sides of it are farming land. You can see tomatoes and cabbages, peeping through their large leaves.
It was comforting, that tarred road on which I could push the pram with ease. The traffic was very less. The breeze freshening. My elder son ad his friends used to run and explore the vegetation by the side.
All slowly changed for the worse. Somehow a huge garbage collecting bin was placed on the side of the road. In a flash, there was trash dancing all over. Nature’s splendor crushed under filth and stench.
In the picture below I have tried to mark the dumpster in yellow.

Close up of the trash 

I do wonder sometimes if it were the neighborhood mall keepers who trashed the road. Seemed like more people were out over there than inside their pricey game zones and food courts.

I had a picture from over a year ago before the kachara pile shaped up.
A year ago - a perfect walk with earth
Heavy rains- from my terrace
I also have a picture of the same corner during a very heavy down pour. All taken from my terrace.

For PADE by Ritu and Sfurti 


  1. It happened to my neighbourhood in Chandigarh too. Thank God the new Govt took care of it...else it was pathetic!

  2. Paradise lost and then quite literally trashed. When a dumpster turns up anywhere, it usually bodes ill for the neighborhood. Soon come rats, etc., if it's not shut tight, then it overflows... yuck. Same in cities all over the world, including the States... Amy


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