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July 12, 2013

Touch technology

PADE Day 12 Theme – Tools

Since yesterday it is pouring by the buckets and I don’t feel like getting up from under my warm blanket. I wish I could be out on the prowl – for unusual pictures with stories but that’s a very distant dream. I like rains but I feel trapped right now.  I wonder what excuse I would have when the rains ended.

So here’s what I found – the age old plough missing the bulls. I found it on the farm next to our building.My toddler is playing on iPad and not 500 meters away from him live a family, tilling the land with a plough and bulls.They are in touch with the earth and the circle of life. I imagine them eagerly waiting for the rains and the new leaves to break forth. I imagine them rejoicing in the harvest.I also see all the children running bare foot on the mucky soil, soaking in the rain.They would definitely feel cold but I imagine they relish that.
Mine are buttoned up under jackets and raincoats. Sitting smug indoors. Playing on the iPad.A radically different touch technology.

It’s fascinating that there is a section of the society still so untouched by technology. It’s what brings balance to world.

This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about


  1. I love you compared the two different worlds existent in India and many other third world countries :)
    Gotta love the photo, haven't seen a plough in ages :)

  2. Wow Sini...awesome take...I was not expecting this at all!! Superb!

  3. Sini, so glad you stopped by my blog and commented.

    Yes, it is a dichotomy in India, more obvious than other places, as the middle class has carved a niche between the "slums" and the very rich. Sometimes I wonder if staying in touch with the land isn't a good thing... perhaps your kids could make new friends and play in the dirt a bit? I don't know how things work there, and I would not presume... just daydreaming... Peace, Amy


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